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Office Pizza Parties Redefined

Posted by Smartbite on 15 February 2022

Whether your class scored well on a test, your team won a game, or a buddy celebrated a birthday, a pizza party was always one of the first things that come into our mind to celebrate the occasion. People come and think of all sorts of celebrations. A game night with friends, a beer night with office mates, a "Netflix and Pizza" night with your partner, and all other enjoyable moments; all involving a pizza.

It's no surprise that the office pizza party has become a common office activity, given all of the great moments connected with the pizza parties before. People are always happy while they are eating pizza.




Pizza Party: Easy Win

Pizza is one of the simplest foods to order for both large and small parties. With basic arithmetic, you can easily find out how much pizza to order per person: the typical person eats 2 to 3 pizza slices, and the average pie contains 12 slices, thus one big pizza is enough for 4 to 6 people. It's easy to do pizza math! (Or, to make it the simplest, buy an individual pizza for each individual.)

Pizza is great for parties since there is something for everyone, and it's simple and can accommodate a variety of tastes—traditional toppings, no toppings, experimental toppings, vegetarian, gluten-free, thick crust, thin crust—the options are nearly unlimited.


The Pizza Legend

Pizza's beginnings are a bit of a mystery, even if it is as common as sliced bread. Some think it was discovered by the ancient Greeks, who added oils, herbs, and cheese to their bread. Others believe the Romans invented pizza, albeit their version included cheese, honey, and bay leaves. That had to be an acquired taste, right?



Moving forward in time, Italy is unquestionably the birthplace of contemporary pizza. Despite this, almost every country in the world claims to have the most "genuine" pizza.


The Next-level Office Pizza Party

There’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned, traditional pizza party. However, you'd want your workplace pizza party to have a little extra. Fortunately for you, pizza has seen a lot of innovation throughout the years.

You may try new tastes or pizza-inspired specialties to add a little additional excitement to your pizza party.


The sky's the limit when it comes to taste. The favorites —cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers, and so forth—are always a solid choice, but there are so many other kinds to try. There will always be a pizza delivery option near you that can meet your craziest pizza fantasies.



To make it short, there's no need to excuse from choosing the same old pizza party options. Make your next office pizza party a conversation starter. It is good to let your colleagues try something new and discover new tastes.

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